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For those of you having difficulties with Sterling Trust Company, you can also file complaints against Sterling with the South Dakota Division of Banking at the contact below. You can also file your complaint on line at their website. This is the Regulatory Agency overseeing the parent bank Sterling Trust Company operates under. SDDB should also be made aware of the mounting complaints against Sterling. Good luck! I among several others also currently have complaints filed against Sterling Trust Company with the SDDB.

Sterling Trust Company had unique knowledge that a Gold Dealer currently under investigation was not delivering product to their customer accounts, and continued to open accounts permitting this vendor/dealer/broker to wire money from these customers without delivering product. Sterling permitted clients to open accounts with this nationally advertised vendor for more than two years; our account was among those accounts. More than 110 Sterling Trust Company clients lost their retirement savings through this vendor. Sterling was aware that the vendor was not delivering product to these consumers; and chose to do nothing, say nothing, or notify the authorities regarding this vendor not delivering product to their Sterling Customer's accounts: it is a matter of conjecture rather Sterling Trust Company was not aiding and abetting this Vendor by not reporting his failure to meet his deliveries.

of Banking

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

1601 N. Harrison Avenue, Suite 1

Pierre, SD 57501

Phone: 605.773.3421

Fax: 866.326.7504


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